HBO Max Free Download For iOS, iPhone and iPad Version

Download HBO Max For iOS

HBO Max is popular these days, and we have uploaded this app on our website. You can download HBO Max for Mac in just one click because Mac is an alternative to iOS and iPhone. So if you own a Mac Book, then you can also download it.

The download link of HBO Max will be provided in a while. First, we will mention the requirements and supported version of your iPhone.

System Requirements of iPhone

iOS Version iOS 12, 13 or More
RAM 2 GB or More
Resolution Standard Resolution of any iPhone
Processor 2.34 GHz Quad-Core
Disk Space 100 MB Approx

These are the system requirements that must match with your iPhone or iPad. These days everyone has this much-specified iPhone and iPad. If you don’t have these, you can run it, but it will work a little bit slow.

HBO Max iOS Download

Now the time has come to give you the download link. I have mentioned the specifications first because, without it, you cannot judge your device.

HBO Max Free Download For iOS

Below is the download link of the HBO Max app, you can click on it and download this file with ease.

Clicking on this link will lead you to the download page of our website. If you want to download it directly from the Apple store, then you can also download it by just visiting the App Store.

HBO Max Functions of iOS

There are countless features and functions in the iOS version. The developers of this app have produced a lot of exciting things in it.

  • Excellent graphics and print of the videos
  • Every video result is in 1080p and 4K
  • The navigation and menus are user-friendly
  • The option of downloading the video you like
  • The HBO Max servers cast live streams
  • Compatible with every console
  • Fantastic soundtracks and videos

These were some features of the iOS version, and you will experience many others when you use it.

Downloading this app is also very easy, you can download HBO Max for Windows by clicking on this link. If you have an operating system, then you can use this app on that too. HBO Max APK has no console limitation, so you can watch videos on this app on every console.


That’s all for the iOS, iPhone, and iPad versions. Don’t forget to read the system requirements and compare them with your iOS device. If these system requirements don’t match, then this app will lag on your iOS device.

Any problem, please ask in the comments section, happy streaming!